Laser Hair Removal

Our aim is to give the best possible treatment for your skin type. We will be very honest with you about the treatment outcome and provide you with all the information. Your results are important to us and we will be there all the way to guide you through any questions or concerns.

Why Choose Us?
Our investment in unparalleled laser technology. Candela are the global leader in hair removal laser.
-Less painful, best results.
-Our training and expertise.
-No one knows skin and hair removal like us.
-Our investment in clinical and practical understanding.
-Laser Safety Officer trained technicians.
-Hygiene and client safety.
The Hair Growth Cycle
In order to understand laser hair removal you need to understand the hair growth cycle.
The hair growth cycle has three distinct stages:
Anagen: active growth phase
Catagen: regressive phase
Telegen: resting phase

It is ONLY during the ANAGEN active growth phase where the laser permanently disables hair growth. Over a course of 6 treatments at the correct weekly intervals, we can target that phase of growth. The cycle for every area is different: Facial: 4 weeks Body: 6 weeks.
The cycle for each hair is not synchronised which is why it is important to have multiple treatments and at the correct time for optimal results.
E.g. Every 4 weeks for facial, every 6 weeks for body.
At Macquarie Medi Spa we want to make medical grade laser accessible to all and change the paradigm of permanent hair removal.

We recommend a COURSE of a minimum of six treatments. This is to ensure full and effective long lasting results.

For every course you have two payment options:
Prepay for five treatments & receive your 6th treatment FREE

For new clients that just want a ‘top up’:
Single session price:
- Consultation with no treatment $30
- Lip $30
- Chin $30
- Sides $55
- Middle of Eyebrows $25
- Underarms $40
- 3/4 Arm $99
- Bikini $59
- G-string $70
- Brazilian $69
- 1/2 leg $95
- Full leg $150
- Snail Trial $35
- Buttocks $55
- Toes $35
- Nipples $35

- 1/2 leg Bikini Line & Underarm $195
- 1/2 Leg, Brazillian & Underarm $205
- Full Leg Bikini Line & Underarm $235
- Full Leg, Brazillian & Underarm $250
- Lip, Chin & Sides of Face $109
- Brazillian & Underarm $105

Mens Laser Hair Removal
- Lower Back only $99
- Back $150
- Chest & Stomach $150
- Arms $150
- Back & Shoulders $180
- Back, Chest & Shoulders $199

Returning Clients:
- ½ Leg - $95

- ¾ Arm - $99

- Arms - $150

- Back - $150

- Bikini Line - $50

- Brazilian - $79

- Buttocks - $55

- Chest & Stomach - $150

- Chin - $30

- Full Leg - $150
- G-String - $70
- Lip - $30
- Lower Back Only - $99

- Middle of Eyebrows - $55

- Nipples - $35

- Sides - $55

- Snail Trail - $35

- Toes - $35

- Underarms - $40

- Brazilian & Underarms - $105
- Back & Shoulders - $180
- Back, Chest & Shoulders - $299

- Full Leg, Bikini Line & Underarms - $235

- Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarms - $250
- Lip, Chin & Sides of face - $80
- ½ Leg, Bikini Line & Underarms - $190

- ½ Leg, Brazilian & Underarms - $205
How Will The Laser Hair Removal Be Performed?
There are three main steps in a typical session:
1. The area will be wiped and marked out.
2. The area will be treated with a laser applicator, with a built in cooling device to ease pain and reduce sensitivity.
3. At the end of the session aloe vera will be applied and sun protection if necessary.

The hair must be shaved 24 hours prior to treatment. The hair needs to be as short as possible to make the treatment effective and comfortable.
Do I Have To Grow My Hair?
You should have short visible hair when you come in for a consultation so we can better advise you on your hair type and treatment. However there is no need to grow your hair out for regular treatments. You may shave as many times as you wish. This will not affect the results.
How Long Will The Treatment Take
The duration of the treatment depends on surface area.

For example:
An underarm: 15 minutes
Full leg: 45 – 60 minutes
Full face: 30 minutes
Are There Any Possible Side Effects?
After the treatment you can get temporary erythema (redness) and temporary perifollicular oedema (swelling/lumps). Any initial reactions should settle down within 48 hours. Aloe vera and SPF should be used to reduce irritation. There is a very slight risk of hyper or hypo-pigmentation, darkening or lightening of the skin-This is why it is important to protect skin from the sun with an SPF 30 or above. Following pre and post care instructions is vital, particularly to avoid any adverse reaction such as a heat reaction or blister. This is caused by excess heat before or after layered on top of the treated area e.g. hot shower, sun exposure, exercise & using incorrect skin care at home. Please advise us if your medications change as they may affect your skin.
How Often Do I Need To Come In?
During the initial 6 treatments, we recommend treatments every 3 - 4 weeks for the face and 6 every weeks for the body. After the initial six sessions the time between treatments vary from client to client.
I.P.L. v Laser Hair Removal
IPL is often mistakenly referred to as a Laser. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. The broad spectrum light passes over the whole treatment area, in comparison to an actual laser where the energy is far more concentrated.Treatment performed using an IPL is not as effective for hair removal. Laser uses just one wavelength to target hair follicles. Therefore Laser energy is far more focused than an IPL. The treatment settings with our Laser machines are more accurate and precise so we can individualise treatments for each client. When IPL is used for hair removal there is also a greater risk of causing damage to the skin, such as changes to skin pigmentation or burning.
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
One of the problems associated with PCOS is excessive hair growth. At Macquarie Medi Spa we have carried out successful laser hair removal on clients with PCOS. Laser hair removal keeps excess growth under control. It gets rid of stubble and thick hair. PCOS clients need ongoing treatments – with hormonal fluctuations we cannot guarantee results.
Pre & Post Treatment Advice
You will need to remember some basic rules when commencing laser hair removal.

- Shave, shave and shave only – no more waxing, threading, plucking or electrolysis.
- Remember laser will not work if you remove the hair from the root.
- If you have removed the hair from the root you will need to wait 4 weeks before your first laser session.
- Your hair will continue to grow after treatment and shed around three weeks post treatment.
- You can shave in between.
- You will be given an advice card at the consultation which you must follow before and after each session to get the best and safest results.
How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
Laser removes the hair by a process called selective photothermolysis.
- The light energy from the laser is transferred into thermal energy in the hair follicle.
- The laser targets melanin, the pigmented region in the hair follicle.
- Heat from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in the hair resulting in the follicle being destroyed.
- We use a Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM (DCDTM) during the treatment which means skin is further protected and cooled providing clients with comfort.
Are You Suitable For Laser Hair Removal
If you find traditional methods of hair removal difficult or inconvenient or want quick permanent hair removal.The rule is that the hair needs to be darker than the skin. The darker the hair the better. Blonde, grey, white or red hair cannot be treated.Your medical history will be taken at the consult to check you are medically suitable.
Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? What Results Should I Expect?
Each treatment by any energy based technology (Laser, IPL, VPL etc) is technically permanent hair ‘reduction’, due to the targeting of follicles only in certain stages of the growth cycle.However our equipment and training delivers incredible results and that’s why the vast majority of our customers can expect to walk away hair free for life after our standard course of just 6 sessions.
Is It Painful?
We have a cooling device to cool the skin so you don’ t have to feel the heat from the laser as much. Candela’s Dynamic Cooling DeviceTM (DCDTM) sprays cryogen gas into the skin before the laser to make it as comfortable as possible. We can confidently say that it is far less painful than waxing. There may be a slight discomfort but it is completely tolerable. Many say a 3 – 4 out of 10.
What About A Patch Test?
- A patch test is done on a small section of the different body areas you want treated.
- The patch test provides us with the optimal temperature for your skin.
- It checks the sensitivity of the laser to your skin.
- You have to wait a minimum of 1-2 weeks for tanned/darker skin before your first session.
- We are looking for any adverse reactions in this time.
- The patch test is complimentary.
- No self tan/perfumed products or aerosol on the skin prior to the patch test.
Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent? What Results Should I Expect?
Each treatment by any energy based technology (Laser, IPL, VPL etc) is technically permanent hair ‘reduction’, due to the targeting of follicles only in certain stages of the growth cycle.However our equipment and training delivers incredible results and that’s why the vast majority of our customers can expect to walk away hair free for life after our standard course of just 6 sessions.
How Many Treatments Will I Require?
Treatments are dependent on the individual. It is also dependent on medical background and hormonal changes in the body. Some clients are complete after 6 sessions, some require more. Usually a woman’s face will require more sessions than body. Women are predisposed to grow new hair on the face as they age. Hormones, menopause and medications all increase growth. Areas such as legs, bikini and underarms are generally 95% successful because women are predisposed to lose hair as they age. However top up maintenance sessions may be required.
Why Do So Many Places Use IPL?
The cost of IPL equipment is a lot cheaper than laser equipment. We have chosen the best machine on the market to give our customers the best results possible. IPL equipment is more versatile as it can perform a number of skin treatments as well as hair removal. So really is an 'all-in-one' machine. Macquarie Medi Spa uses specific laser equipment for the sole purpose of hair removal. We use the most up-to-date equipment for safe and effective hair removal, to provide our clients with the best possible treatment.
Your Medical History
You will need to give us a full medical history at the consult. We only commence treatment if we are confident you are a medically suitable for it. We will refer to a doctor if necessary.

There are certain contraindications to laser which mean you cannot have the treatment. Some of these are:
- Pregnancy
- Roaccutane Users
- Recently had a peel or laser resurfacing.
** Please note failure to notify us with 24 hours notice of a cancellation will incur a 50% of your treatment cancellation fee