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Onda Coolwaves

Our body treatment is back!

ONDA is the only system that uses Coolwaves® special microwaves that selectively
target fat cells to reduce localized fat deposits in a safe, effective and non-invasive way.

1 zone is 15cm x 15 cm's

Double Chin Area

1 x Zone - Double Chin: 1 Session is $179

Mid Body Package Options

2 x zone for upper + lower stomach OR Back of 2 Arms OR 2 love handles: 1 session of 2 zones is $490 ($245/zone)

4 x zone for upper + lower stomach + 2 love handles 1 session of 4 zones is $890 ($222/zone).

Lower Body Package Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Why ONDA Coolwaves?
We invested in the ONDA Coolwaves technology because it is the latest in body contouring services, offering simultaneous Fat reduction, Cellulite improvements and Skin tightening with minimal monthly sessions
Will I Loose Weight?
No. This is a non-invasive body contouring treatment (and not for weight loss) that removes the ‘peak of the bulge'. It changes your appearance in the area of treatment. Healthy lifestyle, healthy food selection and moderate exercise is recommend to compliment results.
Typical ONDA Protocol
4 Sessions, One per month.
Aggressive Cellulite might require 1-2 additional sessions
When Will I Start Seeing Results?
All work in progress (i.e. not final results)
Cellulite: After 35-40 days
Fat: After 45-60 days
Skin laxity: After 60-90 days
Will I Require Maintenance Sessions?
Everyone will be different, with results depending on age and lifestyle.
Skin laxity Avg: Once per year
Cellulite Avg: 6-12 months
Are Microwaves Safe?
1. Non-ionising radiation: i.e. does not affect DNA or cause cancer: Similar science to other medical and energy-based technologies such as Laser and RF
2. The ONDA handpieces: Controlled the depth of treatment and do not penetrate beyond the fat layer under the skin.
Main Contras
1. Pacemaker
2. Pregnancy and breastfeeding
3. Areas withTattoos
4. Not over implants
5. Not over heart and breast tissue
6. Not over active hernias
7. Not overly hair in the area of treatment