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Brave Candle 500g

Life is made of ups and downs. Complicated twists and turns. Tears of happiness and tears of sadness. Heartache and joy, of what is fair and unfair. It can be hard to say goodbye and harder to let go. It may be difficult to accept what is out of your control. But you must keep fighting, you have been gifted a journey. And no matter how hard it gets you must not give up. You are not alone. Believe in yourself. You are strong. You’ve got this. 

Designed as a powerful reminder to be Happy, Brave and Grateful this luxurious Mindfulness Candle Collection is handcrafted, adorned with hand-drawn gold labels, filled locally with a soy-wax blend and features a wooden wick for 80 hours burn time.

Brave Fragrance: Experience the sweet, tropical fusion that transports you to a lush paradise, with the refreshing and juicy notes of lychee complemented by the tropical essence of guava. This fragrance captures the essence of exotic fruits, creating a captivating and uplifting olfactory experience.