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Grateful Bath and Body Oil 200ml

A super indulgent and natural body oil to feed and protect the skin. A unique and generous blend of rich oils and therapeutic Australian essences gift the skin with super nourishment and hydration, supporting skin healing and skin health. Infused with essences of Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Black Currant, Pear and Vanilla. This silky, soft oil can be used on skin, hair and nails.

How To Use: Soak your cares away with 1-2 capfuls in your bath or massage straight into skin as soon as you step out of the bath or shower making sure not to over rub. Apply to the ends of dry hair as a rebalancing hair treatment an hour before you wash it and to dry cuticles, elbows, knees, and heels.

Grateful Fragrance: Experience tropical allure as creamy coconut intertwines with the warmth and sweetness of vanilla. This fragrance evokes a sense of relaxation and bliss, transporting you to a serene beach getaway. The rich and creamy notes of coconut harmonise with the comforting and indulgent essence of vanilla, creating a truly irresistible scent that lingers delicately on the skin.