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PRIN lymphatic facial pack

A holistic approach to skin health

A well-functioning lymphatic system keeps the inner pathways (the extracellular space) clean and clear by removing toxins and cellular debris. This allows the flow of our circulatory system to nourish our skin cells with oxygenated blood and nutrients.

PRINs FLOW mask works with our organ systems, applying as a targeted, tightening mask that increases blood circulation and promotes detoxification. At the same time, it transfers active, vitamin-rich plant extracts that make for healthy, glowing skin. 

Potent Australian Botanicals

Kakadu Plum Extract.Contains the highest known concentration of Vitamin C of any single natural food source in the world making it an excellent antioxidant.


Davidson Plum Extract. Includes powerful compounds Tartaric Acid, Gallic Acid, Quercetin, and Anthocyanin delivering natural solutions to premature ageing, by reducing UV damage, brightening, and collagen support. Davidson Plum is also anti-inflammatory and anti-acne.


Tasmanian Pepper Leaf Extract. Protects and calms reactive skin by inhibiting the skin discomfort sensor TRPV1 activity and reducing inflammation markers.


If you suffer from congested skin , breakouts , feel puffy the PRIN lymphatic facial is for you. 

In your home facial pack you should be able to get 5 facials in your kit.

Apply once weekly starting from your chest and apply over your face and right under your eyes for best results.