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Tan Dry Powder & Brush Duo Miss M

TANDRY wont make you look like you have been scared by a ghost, because of the combination of our ingredients, TANDRY is a nude colour, it wont destroy the gorgeous colour that you have just put on your skin either!

Lets face it some tans smell and some tans smell bad - well ours don’t, but hey we are biased. With TANDRY you will smell like roses, literally because she is fragranced with Rose oil.
If you are a self tanner or if you are a spray tanner, you can either apply it to areas that your skin folds, so inside elbows, behind your knees, or under your boobies or you can apply it all over.

You might also find that TANDRY accelerates your tan processing time too! Thats why we say FASTER, DARKER, DRIER.

So what are you waiting for? We can pretty much guarantee that once you have used TANDRY once, you will wonder where it has been your tanning life!

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