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MediLUX LED Light Therapy Facials 

25 mins - $69

(includes skin cleansing, 20 mins of LED light therapy + serum & moisturiser application for your skin concerns)

MediLUX is the latest evolution in complete LED technology.

With 5 LED wavelengths, our technicians can target and address a great number of skin concerns and meet a wide range of our clients skin objectives.

The 5 Treatment Wavelengths:

- Blue (420nm) - Reduces sebaceous activity, breakouts and kills acne causing bacteria.

- Green (520nm) - Anti inflammatory action to reduce swelling and strengthen capillaries

- Yellow (520nm) - Increases Skin hydration, thickness and delivers redness reducton

- Red (633nm) - Encourages circulation and collagen production for age management

- Near Infrared (830nm) - Boosts ATP for deep cellular regeneration and wound healing.

** Please note failure to notify us with 24 hours notice of a cancellation will incur a forfeit of your booking fee, and/or gift voucher if used.