Visiting Specialist

We believe that by being in a regional community, we should not have to miss out on specialist services. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Karla at Macquarie Medi Spa.

PLEASE NOTE *Macquarie Medi Spa gift vouchers are not for use towards visiting specialists as they are separate business’s from Sydney.

Cosmetic Tattooing / Brow Feathering's

Raquel Tunks is known as ‘The Sydney Brow Stylist’. Raquel has over 15 years of cosmetic tattooing experience & specialises in Brow Feathering / Microblading of the brows as well as permanent eye liner tattooing.

Raquel visits Macquarie Medi Spa every 4 weeks offering the following services: 

- 30 Minute Consultation - $80

Liner Touch Up (4 to 12 weeks post procedure - $100

- Brow Perfection Treatment (within 8 weeks of initial procedure) - $150

- Liner Colour Boost (3 to 18 months post procedure) - $250

- Brow Touch-Up Treatment (3 to 6 months post procedure) - $250

- Brow Colour Boost - $350

- Top or Bottom Liner - $350

- Top and Bottom Liner - $550

- Brow Design using Microblade Technique - $700

- Fusion Brows - a combination of ombré & feathering - $750

Laser/Skin Rejuvenation/Clear & Brilliant

Fiona Mills from Elite Laser Services is the Laser Specialist who visits Bathurst on a fortnightly basis.

Fiona has over 12 years of extensive experience as a Laser Specialist and has studied laser science. Fiona invests in state of the art, gold standard laser and pulsed light technology. Elite Laser Services use only the most advanced and safest medical grade, TGA approved machinery.

Book in for an obligation free consultation.

Anti-Ageing Injectables

Specialists from Sydney's Collagen Face Centre visit Macquarie Medi Spa every 6 weeks. Together, they both perform anti-wrinkle treatments including anti-ageing injectables. Please feel free to contact Karla at Macquarie Medi Spa if you have any further questions regarding these treatments. Unfortunately price quotes are unable to be given until your consultation with the specialist as the amount of product needed will not be known until a full assessment has been made.

Prices vary depending on area and amounts used but as a guideline:

*Please do not take any blood thinners or asprin before any anti-ageing injectables.

Discounts do apply to customers who are having more than one area treated - please talk to the specialist in your appointment.

You can view their website below


Consultation - $85 (no charge if you decide to have a treatment on the same day) 

Anti-ageing injectables between brows - $250 min 

Anti-ageing injectables on sides of eyes - $350 min 

Filler in top lip - $300 min

Filler in deep lines between brows - $250 min

Filler in lines around mouth (larger areas) - $350 min

** Please note failure to notify us with 24 hours notice of a cancellation will incur a 50% of your treatment cancellation fee