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Hydrating tinted cream - N30 naturel foncé

  • Advice

    The product contains ingredients of natural origin which may, over time or in specific temperature conditions, change its appearance.

    • Aromatics



      • Active ingredients

        Complex of omega 3, 6 & 9

        For a nourishing, firming and revitalizing effect.

        Birch sap

        Objective : Derived from Sothys Advanced Research. The sap is harvested in the border area between Cantal and Corrèze, a few kilometres from the Jardins de Sothys in Auriac. Its manual harvest is carried out by a professional on carefully selected trees (age, diameter, etc.). Environmentally friendly, it begins in late February-early March when the sap rises in the birch and ends before the first buds bloom. After harvesting, the hole is filled with a wooden dowel to allow the tree to rebuild its bark. A birch can produce up to 200 liters per day, Sothys takes between 5 and 10 liters per day per tree. Rich in sugars and minerals, birch sap is renowned for its moisturising and revitalising properties.

        Organic Hawthorn floral water

        Harvested in france, in the Auvergne area This water collected after distillation is concentrated in active molecules and renowned for its soothing and toning properties.

        Organic samphire

        To reactivate the moisture memory.