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Aesthetic treatments are trending more towards non-invasive solutions as a safer and more convenient alternative, and clients dealing with sagging skin and wrinkles are looking for effective, consistent and fast treatments with no downtime.

ENDYMED's facial tightening treatments provide effective collagen remodelling, rebuilding the collagen building blocks in the skin, and are suitable for all facial areas - cheeks, forehead, eyes, mouth and jawline.


The Intensif RF Microneedling is the next step up from our regular skin needling & is only performed by highly trained dermal therapists.

Minimum 3 sessions  - 1 per month for best results with homecare prescribed.

SPF is a must. You are required to not apply makeup after any skin needling treatments for 24 hours.’

Numbing is required to be applied 15-30 minutes before your treatment

EndyMed Facial Skin Tightening

Eyes / Face & Neck full treatment 45 mins each 

Facial Tightening
Lift Sagging Skin And Tightens Wrinkles Effectively With 3DEEP RF By ENDYMED

Minimum 6 sessions is required.
1 week apart for first 4 weeks, then fortnightly.

for 6 treatments

Ifine (Eye area only OR around the mouth )

ENDYEye offers superior results in reducing under-eye bags, smoothing and tightening the skin, and lifting the upper eyelid for a more open eye.

30 mins each treatment

$299 individual treatments
These can be added into facials or as maintenance


Buy a package of 6 ( pay for 5 get 6th treatment FREE)
ONLY $1500